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Stephen Quayle’s Renaissance Precious Metals, has been in the precious metals business for over 34 years, located in Bozeman, Montana. As a former newsletter editor and author of over 10 books. Steve, has been providing his clients with gold, silver and platinum and palladium in physical form, thus providing growth and protection for his clients hard earned money. He has been outspoken, in encouraging those who want financial life assurance to adopt his business slogan – ‘if you cant touch it you don’t own it‘.

Steve has been a precious metals trader for most of those years and has developed contacts world wide who have provided him with heads up information on the economy and whats going on behind the scenes, with very well connected individuals who know the market movers behind the headlines. Renaissance Precious Metals has been able to acquire precious metals when supply issues and disruptions kept the big guys oversold, and unable to acquire metals quickly.

Steve has been a radio talk show host for over 23 years and a much requested guest on some of the nations largest syndicated talk radio shows, he has been warning decades in advance that the manipulated spot price of the precious metals would move independently, and separate from, the controlled paper price of the precious metals. He was one of the most outspoken voices, 20 years ago, warning of the death of the dollar from global abandonment and stated “that both the Russian ruble and the Chinese Yuan would be backed by gold and other strategic commodities.” While other “experts” started to echo the same sentiments 20 years after the fact, as Russia and China became more vocal against the us dollar, they are nowhere on record 20 years ago!

Financial survival is based on Steve’s simple maxim-you want to move ahead of the panic, prior to the financial meltdown phase, having already acquired your precious metals not trying to acquire them during the panic, which will surely come. Simply stated you want to be where everyone else isn’t so as not to be trampled by the herd.

As Steve Quayle says: “I will do my best to get you out of financial harms way as the stampeding hoof beats sound louder every day”! Give Steve a call – he is available, even on weekends, to help you with your precious metals purchases!

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