Silver Investing – Undervalued and Ready to Shine

For the prospect of another very strong rally in precious metal prices is growing by the day. With the stock market at all time highs, weak US and global economies, staggering US debt and the inflationary policies of QE 1, 2, 3, etc. conditions are ripe for precious metals as a group to soar – with silver perhaps in the best shape of them all for major gains. The big change coming for gold and silver is a complete reassessment by markets about the outlook for money printing around the world. They have started the year believing that QE will be over by October and that the Chinese authorities are also committed to deflating their overblown credit markets. Once stock markets tumble further the central banks will have to alter tack and flood markets with liquidity again to offset the deflationary impact. Gold and silver will be the most immediate beneficiaries of this volte face, and silver always tends to outperform gold when prices are going up. It’s a smaller and more tightly held market and so price reactions are more violent.

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Canadian Silver Maple 1 oz.

US Silver Eagle 1 oz

Austrian Philharmonic Silver 1 oz

British Britannia Silver 1 oz

Highland Mint 10 oz Silver Bar

Canadian RCM 10 oz Silver Bar

Silver round Buffalo 1 oz

90% Junk Silver Halves

90% Junk Silver Dimes